OJA’s philosophy of student-centered learning begins with flexible online courses that adjust to each student’s pace and learning style. This includes auditory, visual and kinesthetic, as well as learning strengths and weaknesses.  Each course is designed to be adapted to include modification through enrichment. OJA also supports students with access to learning specialists – educational, occupational and speech therapists, according to each student’s need.  As students progress through each course, they are assessed regularly and given constant feedback on their progress.  Students can go back and work on skills or content where they struggled, or advance ahead and receive enrichment in subjects where they excel. These online tools support open communication with each student’s learning team – parents, teachers, learning specialists, tutors and administration.  The success of each student greatly depends upon this communication.

Larger Impact:

OJA’s materials are being created for use within the larger student population so that teachers can incorporate them into their traditional classrooms. Teachers are receiving professional development in differentiation and inclusion, flipped learning*, blended and online instruction. The hope is that this model of inclusive, student-centered learning is spread to other cities around the nation.

* “Flipped learning” is where the teacher records lectures to be watched at home (as work to be done at home) and what used to be “homework” is to be done in class with teacher guidance, collaboration and supervision.