Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Online Jewish Academy!  We’re excited to offer this exciting program in partnership with so many well-established Jewish high schools and organizations in Los Angeles.  We want to help you understand what we offer, how it works, and how our program can be the best fit for your child and for you.

In order for students to access the programs and services of  OJA, they must first choose and apply to one or more “home campus(es)”.  Families should visit these campuses to see which campus is the right fit for the student.  The student will go through the home campus’ admissions process in conjunction with OJA’s supplemental application process.

At the Online Jewish Academy, our students are our first priority.  Student-centered learning is our approach.  Individualized academic journeys enable each student to grow in his/her own way.  The way each student learns is unique, and through the use of integrative technology and educational support, we create an environment for each child to maximize his/her own academic experience.

Outside of the cyber-classroom, our students are engaged in a Jewish community on campus that best suits their needs.  Through school programs, elective courses, extra-curricular activities and community events, students grow in their community while getting the academic support that they need.

It’s important that each family speak with OJA’s admissions team to ensure that our program is the best fit for your student and family. Please call our office at 818.464.3399 x104 or email Melanie Feder Tasoff, Director of Admissions, to schedule an appointment in person or over the phone.

We look forward to hearing from you!